Thursday, August 25, 2005

welcome to strange things i happen to see...

wow. quick windoze to blogering. wonder wonder.

my windoze box had a dock. dock. box. rox!

bens on the east coast. i want some east coast. NYC rock the spot. go catch some 4 star delivery for me.

nobu too. hmm perhaps i read NYtimes food now....

amuse the self at works i need to.

welcome to strange things i happen to see...



i bleh. alot. somone should log the times i bleh.
i also blah alot. ben blahs more though.
other noises tat r concurent with my empty brain(i dunno what concurent means);

blarg. that one is more ben.

okay. im board. market is down. nothing to do. if trade = loose money, if look ebay too long = loose money, if go kitchen; get fat. could try falling asleep, but i already tried that. if post pictures, it would probably b of a car. i hate car. hate pictures that remind me of stupid weekend.

so friday, b/h/ryan ->racetrack. go chase Porsche, beat up GTR.

was chasing porsche, 16 minutes in i spin a bearing. stupid Sti-RA motor. why you the blow the up.

friday night -> tow to houston, tear apart and see damage. rebuildable but long time needed.
sat. morning -> get new motor at ASAP. convert EJ20h legacy Twin turbo to single, use for longblock
sat afternoon -> braden get a tan. or he turns into human lobstar, work all afternoon/night outside ryans warehouse. no fun. back is burnt. 1am, we about to slot it in, but things arnt fitting, cant see anything (outside), and we give up and pod. deal wth on sunday.
sunday morning - sleep till 12noon, miss dim sum. sad. slot in EJ20 with crazy rope trick, spring clip thing is friendly, bolt it all up.
b-> austin for bando practice, i finish wrapping up everything. EJ20 fires up at 7:30 pm. from zero to hero in about 20 hours. ryan gives me mad props as subaru guru. high pressure oil leak, turns out turbo feed line is not all the way tight. tighten, get PS fluid, drive a bit. load longblock into trunk, drive off to have dinner with saraH before going home.

eat dinner. goof off, drop of saraH at about 10:30p. hissing water leak noise comingfrom chimney area. bad.

drive 2 blocks, heat meter spikes. suxor suxor suxor im going to blow up. not again.
park at car wash, neglect to really watch whats happenign because im freaked. pull chimney, heatshield, downpipe, almost pull up pipe. ended up wiggling a hose (turbo return to block) and drove off - 3 hours wasted (and crazy tired)

nuts. drove off. 1/2 hour later its hissing, but almost no water loss. drive another 45 minutes, coast into brenham, temp meter SPIKES. AHAHHA. im going to blow up. stop at exxon, find crossover pipe into coolant box tube spewing. not seated all the way. fixed, mr ej20 eats 2 gal of water. drive to MCD (mc donalds) for coffee around the corner. heat spikes in line at the drive through. get outa car, cops think im crazy bc im driving on the wrong side of the car, run back to exxon.

get flashlight, find water shooting outa the line i wiggled at the car wash - turbo return water to block.

remove. replace.
-> relief.


the swap starr has survived. stupid car. i hate working on you, but i love racing you.

stupid car. somtimes even Gurls are more logical than cars. usually not though

drive to austin. hit at 6:30a, organize, unlode broken engine from trunk, shower, eat fiber, get to work at 8:30 - in time for wall street to open.

long day at work. fell asleep a couple times.


official hiatus from the garage from monday till wed. night.

now braden's SR has grumspter issues.


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