Friday, February 22, 2002

2/22/02: random junk

word yos.

today: afternoon

-ben discovered pop-rivet thingy. yay. it makes cool noises, works pretty frekin well and is easy to use
-spent today cutting out rotted metal and riviting sheet metal in. hammers are good for making sheet metal have contour.
-going to bondo the crap outa it afterwards
-replaced tube thing for carb warmer, napa likes to get u up the butt. $16 for a hoez

0 am-4am

-remove power steering. leaked alot so it needed to go. NASTY illage
-cut out all rusted tubes for it. gross
-"custom" machined fittings for powersteering fluid line to recirc to keep rack lubricated.
-feels great, more ghetto than ever!
-gained 4 hp, 6 lb-ft of torque!!! we may be close to 100 lb-ft of torque now!!! 80 hp is a possibility!!!
lost weight ~ 15 LBS.

go rustbucket!


Thursday, February 21, 2002

2/21/02. paid the man

$18 tax, $11 title fee.



the ghetto paint shop is closed #8


word up. painting (primer) is done. sanded down some bits and painted over everything.
spent a crapload of time cleaning the thing too.

GC5 subaru weighs roughly 2470 lbs w/o driver

-will weigh ae86 when its legal to drive to the recycle center. cops hang out there.

-need to put gas in car. currently has fuel system cleaner that isnt mixed with more than 2 gallons of gas. causes really un-smooth engine.
-front turn signals don't workr. whatever, not important
-the rear lights all work
-bumpers and tyres + armor all tire shiny stuff = clean and kind of shiny. it looks pretty good
-the car dosnt look like a ghetto P.O.S anymore. at least not that bad.
-i was inspired (probbly by the fumes) to polish the valvecover.
4 hours of fun got me to spray the sucker down hardcore with PB penatrating spray
(stuff so strong it will eat an entire styrofoam cup within 2 minutes guarenteed),
and then de-grease and sand the thing for hours. its got a MOTHER's shine

o-well, shiny means fast, but actual fast cost $$, we dotn have $$$, so we opted for shiny instead.

clean white car with shiny engine cover!

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

expenses for the last couple days:

6 cans o primer + masking tape + dust mask = $25.33
sandpaper *4 packets = $9.82


Tuesday, February 19, 2002

killing brain cells in the garage #7: Monday 2/19/02

- sanded car - alot
- spray painted white, eveythign ex for rear hatch
- lost alot of brain cells. stupid weather.

car is white.


erg. sleepy


Sunday, February 17, 2002

word in the garage #6 sunday:2/18/02


-today was a continuation of kaptain bondo's project from yesterday. although the option was presented, the non-bondo route was taken. motor was flushed out with 4 minute engine clean, oil filter did not have rubber seal coming out as thought of, instead a left over seal from last oil filter made it look like seal had fallen out. o well, too bad, engine is now cleaner.
-valve cover got cleaner, you can actually see TOYOTA on the engine. wow
-afternoon was spent sanding passenger door with not so diesel powersander. took a long time. spray primer'ed white color somwhat similar to toyota super-white. fun stuff. smells funny now
- door panel is seprated from actuall door structure. hmm just like the hatch!. will need some rivits or bolts or welding later
enough for today

2/18/02 engine/tranny oils + painting supplies = $81.32

napa silver oil filter $3.99
pureone oil filter - spare $2.99
5w 30 oil $1.20* 10 = $12.00
napa gear oil 80/85w-90 $3.12*3 = 9.36
bondo spreader $1.99 *nate
monster tub-o fake bondo $11.99 *nate
close to toyota super white color primer $3.17 *7 = 22.19
powersteer fluid $1.49
4 minute motor flush $1.99
fuel cleaner $1.69
sandpaper *3 packets $7.04

total: $76.72 *1.06 = $81.32
project to date: $414.33

2/18/02 engine/tranny oils + painting supplies = $81.32
2/12/02: random lube's and stuff =$15.01
2/10/02: still need to pay $18 tax
2/7/02: beater ae86 $300

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