Sunday, February 17, 2002

word in the garage #6 sunday:2/18/02


-today was a continuation of kaptain bondo's project from yesterday. although the option was presented, the non-bondo route was taken. motor was flushed out with 4 minute engine clean, oil filter did not have rubber seal coming out as thought of, instead a left over seal from last oil filter made it look like seal had fallen out. o well, too bad, engine is now cleaner.
-valve cover got cleaner, you can actually see TOYOTA on the engine. wow
-afternoon was spent sanding passenger door with not so diesel powersander. took a long time. spray primer'ed white color somwhat similar to toyota super-white. fun stuff. smells funny now
- door panel is seprated from actuall door structure. hmm just like the hatch!. will need some rivits or bolts or welding later
enough for today

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