Saturday, February 16, 2002

word #5 saturday:

Kaptian Bondo enters the scene:

bought: 7.5 lb jar-o- bondo, miss sandpaper stuf, oil filter, gear oil.


-diff oil (lost bumpstop on right side bc it fell off), smelled so bad i wanted to DIE!!!!
-oil change - messed up oil filter seal, have to do it again!
-tranny fluid - found crazy plugy thing on side of tranny, pulled pug at bottom to drain. filled from plug on side of tranny and filled via
semi mini funnel/beer bong type thing. took forever, had to jack up car all funny and stuff.
- ripped off side trim, started sanding. sanding was too hard, need electric sander. Kaptin bondo was dissapointed, didnt get to use bondo!

Friday, February 15, 2002

word #4

wed-friday :

went to toronto, checked out used japenese auto parts. they had a 4a-ge out of MR2 for $400 CDN and 4A-GZE (mr2) with tranny for $1200 CDN. also had a complete 86 AE86 GT-S that he would throw in if i bought the GZE motor. all this jazz translates into if i want a 4A-GE with T-50 tranny, i can probbly get it for $300-350 CDN, which is equal to ~$200-230. probbly $250 USD will get me everything i need. hmm, gimme a red-tops out o AE92 my friend - (engrish with cantonese fob accent)

ben has ingenious idears of instead of buying new hatch from junkyard to use, just weld in a x brace of piping stuff of sorts for rigidity, and hinge some kinda lexan. cheaper and lighter (we think). im going to try to locate a replacement hatch first. it might be easier

friday(today)-got home in the afternoon, started on the beater.

-pumped up rear tyre
-put in battery that got charged
- car fires right up. drive into garage
-ideled (not)nicely for about 20 minutes when i went inside and ignored it. didnt die, although it did manage to spew out a buncha powersteering fluid and then idle in a bad way. need more p-s fluid next run to auto-zone
-removed AC belt pully thingy for kicks, the bolt holding it togeather brakes due to rust and makes the job easier. yay.
-soldered wirethingy for oil pressure sensor thingy i think? wire broke outa plug, so i wired it in place to teh tab.
wiggled around left headlight wiring from the back, and the light decides to work, so i decide to do the wiring the right way and solder everything that was ghetto taped. pull it all off, cut the wiring up, solder it, lovely stuff. after some ruckus the left headlight works.


both headlights work for one glorious moment, i switch to highbeams to see if they work, and the left dosnt work. re-do the plugging in stuff and it works, BUT now the right side which has remained constantly good dosnt turn on at all. the motor still works(unlike the left motor) so we got one gimp light that is permantly fixed up that turns on and off and has high beam, and one right light - also gimp, that flips up and down, BUT dosnt shine at all. BOO. we have a broken car again. yay.
to add insult to injury, the motor refuses my attempt to make it stay up by manualy adjusting the knobby thing and flips down anyway. so we're back to where we started. 1 headlight car, one permantly stuck up headlight, and one motor that flips.

dangit. i wonder why eveything worked the day i picked up the car.

Total Cash Money spent on beater so far: $315.01

$ owed to insureance: $dont know
$ owed to the MAN: $18
2/12/02: random lube's and stuff =$15.01

-stp brake cleaner stuff $1.99
-PB blaster rust killer penatrating stuf $3.99
ghetto brand high temp grease $2.19
loctite anti sieze MONSTER size $5.99

2/10/02: still need to pay $18 tax

beater ae86; $300 with:$165.13 worth o-junk
1/2 tank o gas = $7
5 genuine toyota keys = $6*5 = $30
1 spare headlight = $20
1 coverless chiltons manual = $18
1 coverless toyota factory service manual = $90
11 cents =$0.11
lots of DIRT, JUNK, smelly crap, broken glass, lexane rear window, RUST galore
ghetto radio = $.02

***** tomorow's kaptian BONDO!!!!!! *******

-need to buy:
2. sandpaper
3. spray primer (closest to toyota super white)
4. monster jug of tranny / diff fluid
5. Power steering fluid

-to do:
1. sand and work Kaptian bondo majik.
2. change tranny/diff fluid if time permits


Wednesday, February 13, 2002

get your engrish here!!!

word on the street #3.

today we go to toronto. food. lots of. may geta chance to hit up used japense engines and see if they can get the well needed hook-up on a red top nonT-VIS and random parts like a hatch door.

it snowed yesterday. bad for beater bc it got heavier due to the snow getting inside the car. BUT if u look on the bright side, the water will make it rust more which = less weight = go faster.
tricky equation to balance.

the rear left tire decided to go flat. now we have a broken car again. yay.

will look for initial D gear, and some headlight squirters to replace the broken one. maybe we should get some crazy rice ones that glow blue with LED at night.......

engrish of the day:
"AE86 aurora power too great for FC3S and FD3S. legend say that due to super rice light, no one can compare."




Tuesday, February 12, 2002

current update:

-AE86 sitting in driveway rusting. battery charging at captian no-torque's house. yay.
-sat will be bondo day for captian bondo. goal is to sand and make door primer white. hmmm lovely.
-grease and supplies for stuff have been obtained. flame torch+brake bleed nipple +pb penatrating solution may = unscrew which= to bleed right front brake = safer. good stuff. mab we'll bleed the rears this weekend too.

-still looking for front struts. oem GTS with 50-60K for $50 shipped sounds good. trying to get all 4 for $65-75 shipped. Any more and we dump the $180 for TRD.

GC5 Impreza is back togeather again. only scars are some minor scratching on rim of wheel. go STI-RA wheel! more scratches = more "competition look". must make me faster......

goals for weekend;

-tranny fluid change
-rear diff fluid change
-grease stuff (random)
-bleed the other 3 brakes!

work finances thru email, etc
-sand and bondo a couple doors, paint with white primer

beater hit it for pics. lovely japenese flag makes it pure sprit of sports of AE86.(engrish)

word on the street #2; Addressing all major PLAYA's

word. this weeks purposed major playa's conferance regarding the beater car has been postponed due to scheduling conflicts. Captian Bondo, and Make stuf work guy #2 have scheduling issues. Without further ado, i would liek to introduce the major playa's for BuildAcar from

"make stuf work guy #1": h. has space on driveway to fit the beater. researched and developed obsession with the pure uglyness of the AE86 and the pure ludicracy of initial-D the anime. bought the beater from some un-know guy out in the middle of nowhere who took "care" of the car
in conjunction with #2, will be in charge of stuff such as making motor work, making car stop, turn, etc. also will think of ways to make car faster, and swap motors somtime

"make stuff work guy #2": ben. wants a GDA, but for now tinkering with AE86 will do. knows random useless information that may prove useful. has ability to call mike shields on will and ask the subaru guru man what is up. will work with #1 in doing normal car stuff, but will focus more on finding ghetto NOS system to eventually blow up motor to speed up replacement process.

"captian Bondo": nate. has an obsession with brotha's, their hoopties, rollin on dubs, the "d", and BONDO! will be incharge of major bondo reconstruction of the "car". aka mr. bodyman

"smart guy": we dont know much about him, ex for the fact that he is smart. multi talented in multi-multi-tasking life, and is smart. he will be in charge of whatever he deems fit. we are hoping that he takes care of electronics and somhow makes eveything work and intergrates computers/PDA's in the operation of the car. mabye we can convince him to build website devoted to project Build A Car From Junk -tm.


"i know about hondas"-John armstrong: likes cars, knows how to swap motors, knows about carb's, can weld and get the hookup on ghetto parts. donate stuf like remus mufflers.

"i want NOS in my b16A"- alex. good guy, helped get the car home, will help out when he isnt working on the b16a and donate stuff like escort parts.
stuff to figure out for meeting:

1. how to finance. pay as u play or pre pay an agreed amount

--i think we shoudl just throwq in $150-200 each to start with. that will cover junk to do, to cut down on the hassle of stuff

2. keys and who drives the car when:
--i have 4 keys(1 spare) at my house. we need to figure out system of who gets the beater when they want it and such. i think we should just have a notice type system to reserve beater for "use"

3. goals for project; long term
---waht to do with car
---issues with NOS, Y/N?
---eventual nessacary motor/tranny swap

4. random misc
---what it should look like?
---what color?

5. budgets for maintainece, major mech, etc


email me back with your thoughs
go to and read about stuff.



word on the street #1 as of 2/11/02.
super intensist 4A-C powred. better than MUGEN, better than Nizmo, and much more powerful driving force than V-TEK b16a
(engrish of the day)

**today is a sad day, have to go to junkyard to get control arm for Gc5 subaru. slid and bent front left control arm. no damage, stupid subaru engineered breaking control arms to save other parts from damage. somday sti forged aluminum control arms.........$65 at mitch's solves the issue. also tightened right front sway link to stop klunk noise :P**

update on HACHI-Roku.
ben tries to start. i guess it didnt like him bc it promply sorta turned over and died. boo. sat. night is spent "fixing" it. remove carburator airbox thingy, poked it a bit. wiggled loose starter around, tried to jump to no avail. boo. end up letting car roll down garage and dumping the clutch to start. fires right up but idles like crap! and dies unless u keep the revs up. find out that ben forgot to put 3 vacum hoses back on the carby thingy. funny stuff. park car back on driveway and ditch it for the night.

-sunday afternoon
buy new starter at autozone $70+$25 core. sucky. also bought spark plugs bc they were $1.29 each. went home jumped in AE86. started right up, !@$!$#@!#@r ! i guess starter not broken. decided to fix loose starter, jak up car, find that bottom starter hole for bolt is broken and ghetto rigged with big screw with funny washers. remove it. stuff a "correct" diameter and length bolt from 1990 miata 1.6L connecting rod. stuf some heavy duty spacers from GC8 subaru rear suspension on it, bolt the sucker down. tightened the top(rusted bolt) starter is TIGHT!!! won't budge = good. jumped in car, fires back up. mab connections were bad yesterday or somthing. or it was just tired. drive it across the street to niles and try drifting in the wet. do a little bit, start driving out to go back home, Ray comments "man, its pretty cool it hasnt broken yet.." 3 seconds later car DIES. tried to push start for next 30 minutes in the freezing cold !@!$#! wont start. give up, run home. look and see that plugy thing from alternator to battery is loose. clean and plug it in tightly.

-sunday night
call steve chue (captian no-torque) for his expert K-tech advice. he suggests jumping the starter and jumping it in genral. and states the fact that battery will kinda charge itself over night somtimes. jump it with minivan, fires up promptly and idles nicely. let it sit for 15 minutes, undoo the cables, and it idels by it self and dosnt die. drive home.

total $$ for this weekned = ZERO
-didnt need starter
-old sprak plugs were clean, and i couldnt get them out, therefore new ones cant go in. spark plug needs funnny big sparkplug wrench that i dont have.

to do:

1. locate and buy front struts- mab all 4-
a. TRD option $180 shipped for 4 may happen
b. used GT-s fronts, i offered the guy $25 shipped
2. found out that SR-5 and GTS front brakes are identical. good stuff. now we can blow money on ENDLESS pads with project MU rotors and rigid brake lines..... NOT!
3. suspension on GTS/SR5 is identical.
4. rear end just bolts in if desired.
5. still need to heat up bolt for bleed nipple on front right caliper bc its stuck and we cant bleed it. sucky

word on the street #0. special stage

As many of you probably know, we have in our possession a car. A 300 dollar,
240,000 mile, 1984 Toyota Corolla SR-5 rusted to the bone piece of junk car. It
is our goal to assemble a team of dedicated indivduals to transform this pile
of junk into a solidly running, somewhat better looking pile of junk. In
order to facilitate this, I have drafted up an short term objectives list:

Phase One -

Primary Objective: An excercise to build a consistently street-worthy
automobile while maximizing reliability-to-cost ratio.

Interim Goals:
(1) Make the car safe
a. Fix headlights
b. Brakes
c. Front Suspension
(2) Repair broken components
a. Starter motor/relay
b. Parking brake
c. Dash Gauges
d. Interior lighting/misc. body electronics
(3) Improve dilapidating essential mechanical components
a. Motor
b. Drivetrain
(4) Improve Nonessentials
a. Body
b. Interior

For pictures of car, copy and paste web address below. =)

A team of 7 will enable startup costs to hover around $40/person. You may
elect one of the four primary goals to specialize on, or you may hover in
between as you wish. Refer a friend and be eligible to earn a Two Dollar
($2) referral bonus!* To date, we have suceeded in breaking the starter and
one headlight! Dont delay, Sign up now!

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