Saturday, February 16, 2002

word #5 saturday:

Kaptian Bondo enters the scene:

bought: 7.5 lb jar-o- bondo, miss sandpaper stuf, oil filter, gear oil.


-diff oil (lost bumpstop on right side bc it fell off), smelled so bad i wanted to DIE!!!!
-oil change - messed up oil filter seal, have to do it again!
-tranny fluid - found crazy plugy thing on side of tranny, pulled pug at bottom to drain. filled from plug on side of tranny and filled via
semi mini funnel/beer bong type thing. took forever, had to jack up car all funny and stuff.
- ripped off side trim, started sanding. sanding was too hard, need electric sander. Kaptin bondo was dissapointed, didnt get to use bondo!

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