Monday, May 22, 2006


in 24 hours;

12 am- eat random vegables at shawn's. pack, etc
1 am - load up FC
1:30 - gass him up.
2:00 - ponder leaving, dilly dally
2:30 - leave for Button Willow
3:00 - get stuck in stupid bay bridge disco-route
4:00 am - ponder going for top speed run but cant see, nor do i know if battlestar will blow up or not
6:30 am - arrive at button willow
7:00 am - look at 1 lb of beef jerky. it looks back
8:50 - first 1/2 hour session. FC wants to overheat, start lifting on the straights.
9:50 - run again. mad understeer on front tyres. yis yis yis.
2:30 - get stalked by 2 captain dorkuseses. like dungeon and dragon geeks turned into "i'm cool because i have a rx7 thats weak" guys. quite interesting in a bad way.
3:30 - start learning the track. very fun. FC eats first tank of 100 octane. fills him up and he so flooded he wanna die. then starter wiring gets loose. no more starter..... very scared.
chillabouts. wiggle wires. then = win.
4:50 - go on a bonzai run, got idea of turning heat on. YAY. Drifting entering into corners at 105 mph is pretty sick.
5:30 - last run of day. Rally shortcut over dirt lands me a black flag. they called me a bad boy. then back on track to beat up Mazdaspeed miatar. he is gay and a miatar. or a miatar and gay. you pick. use balls to outbrake miatar and then kill in straightaway. must have a real turbo to do real turbo stuff. HA

6 1/2 hour sessions of pure abuse. kaptin battlestar still hasnt blown up yet. amazing. going sideways at 100mph all abouts the track. he is quite a circus. likes to crash candy cane toot. candy cane crasher man.

7pm. on the road. or something
8pm. stopped at jack in the crack in the hat. fell asleep in bride seat. not suggested.

9pm. wanting to die.
10pm. kenny saves my life and drives my FC. alots of muttering about FC's goes on. then i fall asleep.
12 am. unload a dead GC8.

1am. blogging.

stupid stupid battlestar....... not dead yet!


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