Friday, October 14, 2005

280 plus club

280 plus club, originally uploaded by supermoose.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sad he is

Sad he is, originally uploaded by supermoose.


Why i'm always running out of gas


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Damm you look good

Damm you look good, originally uploaded by supermoose.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Desk for the last days

Desk for the last days, originally uploaded by supermoose.


Monday, October 10, 2005

welcome to strange things i happen to he flys!

try running from this, u illegal immagrant piece of crap.

h+scammer= streetfighter your car yo.

sorry no after picture. "i didnt actualy do anything at all"

welcome to strange things i happen to see...illegals. poot poot poot

yeah. the story of the week....

H=hella fun ruckus.

the price for being H. somtimes hell. hahah

in H-town for the weekend. romp around, go to bar thingbob, do our thing, chillzor abouts.

go home. stopped at red light, illegal immagrant female in a 1990 accord who's too old for nasty slutt club clothes dosnt understand that when lights are red, cars are stopped. Clips the rear right of my car, BOMP and such. tries to pretend like nothign happened, i start honking and she pulls over to side of gas station. i call the fuzz, the fuzz says stuff etc.

she tries to talk to me in spanish, me no talk spanish, i request a spanish speaking fuzz.

lazy stupid poop-headed doughnut hoggering fuzz.

20 minutes pass, ms illegal slut calls her 2 friends to come in a truck and scam outa the deal. one guy gets in the drivers seat, the girl mentions that to move to the lighted area and they take off. they run a red light and bust fast as a POS accord can go.

b and i r shocked, like WTF - they trying to scam us. jump in the Sti, in doing so i loose my right glasses lens- NEVER BUY VERSACE GLASSES> the frams suck.

we blitz. 100 mph with my cyclops vision in the green rally beast. i bet they never thought the i can fly wing had guts to back it up....

3 miles later the accord is tired and smoking, im flashing my lights behind them and honking like a mofo, and they pull over at an exxon to wait for the other illegal and regroup.

we pull up behind, b's on the fone with the fat fuzz. etc. etc.
truck comes, they think about stuff for a bit and then all of them jump in the truck and poke off.

now we are like WTF.. again.

BUT i have this ingenious idear........

h and b = swapstarrs. we can make LHD car into RHD. sooooo--

=> free wheels and tires
=> goodyear rubber karate kick + mirror
=> destroy engine = 1 liter of water in valvecover
=> rock + mirror make loud crashy noise
=> it not starting again = brute force RAAR powar + battery and cable; forklift has new battar now :)
=>some illegal immagrant has lost the only genuine thing they had, and i have a new 19mm craftsman long socket and a 3/8ths stubby rachet- WHICH i actually needed :P

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