Saturday, March 02, 2002

war fotos

Humans 2. rustbucket 0

word. today was right the rust day. fought long and hard. 4pm-4am with about 1.5 hours of break. suck

front strut cartridges are impossible to remove, and re-install. needed alot o PB, propane torch, rubber mallet, hammer, and the ever increasingly usefull POWER GLOVES@!!

they are even more frustrating to re-install after u have fought through removing the giant nut thingy, having shock oil spill out over u eveywhere, pull the rock-shox type cartridge, and clean the whole mess.

the h-power strut install:

1.bolt in strut at top mount
2. get breaker bar, wedge between lower control arm and tie rod
3. put one foot at each end, strut between your feet.
4. grab fender with both powergloves.
5. jump as hard as u can while pushing down on the bar evenly as possible with your feet using the max force possible
6. hope that the arm went down far enough, and the strut is caught on the castle nut for the ball joint
7. if it is, then it is a matter of applying liberally the crowbar, hammer, powergloves and brute force to grunt the 2 bolt sleve thingys into place.

there will be pictures tomoro, for now i sleep.


Thursday, February 28, 2002

Superlight weight we are. Do you have racing pins on your hatch-lid?


-picked up plexiglass and struts. yay
-put in glass hatch. a hatchi-plexi we do have now
putting in struts tonite. charging excort battery at captian No-torque's place. battery #1 keeps dying!

look at our pice of junk


tonite...struts + superlight junkyard run + weigh scale....... sub 1900 on the horizon!


Wednesday, February 27, 2002

harro fellow ebay-ers

if inclined to help contribute to our great endever of building a car from crap, proceded to this link.

things you want to buy for sale

what we have for sale are great things that you want to buy, namely parts from the forementioned escort GT

anyways, today we built completely from scratch with murry's auto store parts, a wiring harness + toggle switch for a pair of super ghetto offroad truck driving lamps. the front grill is removed, but we have a good reason to remove somthing this time - there was no other way to mount the suckers. so much better lighting than our stock POS 1 working headlight. toggle switches are cool. although in the process we managed to short it out a buncha times and start smoking the wires.

our rear hatch area is now preped by ben to handle a plexiglass rear cover. yay stuff.


Tuesday, February 26, 2002

2/26/02 : Attilla the Hun

So let's see what we've accomplished.

Two days ago, Captain Bondo and I were sent to Alex's house to dismantle a Pacesetter exhaust that had been sitting on a now defunct '95 Ford Escort GT. This went fairly well with no incidents to speak of. However...

...this resulted in Alex's beloved - airbag stolen, doors kicked in, mirrors ripped off, dead for a year - car being completely and utterly pilliaged by Haoming and I the very next day. So now in our arsenal are:

(1) Pacesetter Exhaust
(1) Electric fan
(1) Radiator
(1) Airbox/Intake assembly
(4) Fuel injectors
(1) Intake manifold
(2) Mirrors
(1) Rear Wing
(1) ECU (we think...)
(1) Instrument cluster and surrounding moulding
(12,553) Random nuts and bolts - approximately.
(1) 16v DOHC head + camshafts

...oh yes, we also managed to pillage the two (2) windshield squirter thingbobs.

Captain bondo has been faithful to his bondo-ing. Bondo being quite the miraculous material I must say. As long as you dont mind the smell =P Broke three drill bits and managed to punch about four extra holes into back of the car.

Which brings us to today.

Finally able to locate a sheet plastics supplier in Southfield that did not charge us a 50 dollar minimum order fee. Found us a 1/8" thick 54" x 45.5" sheet of clear acrylic for $35.60. Replaced our dead drill bits with a hearty sheet-metal-drilling-cobalt-tipped-careful-not-to-drill-through-your-hand drill bit from Sears. Finally finished patching up all the holes in the rear. Removed the hatch latch U-thing (which is really shaped more like an O, but square) so we can actually open the hatch (and gain 25 bucks in doing so). Finished riveting on our amazing Home Depot sponsored Garden Trim Front Airdam - good for at least 2 pounds of downforce at 180 miles per hour. Pounded out the dents in the front right fender, and of course, replaced our wonderfully ghetto exposed battery ground cable with a real one.

Insurance still isnt any better.

Sunday, February 24, 2002

other car.

2/23/02 : stuff

-got ground for battery negative. car gets less ghetto day by day
-pondering patching up rear hatch with sheetmetal + rivets

got pictures of junk up

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