Wednesday, February 27, 2002

harro fellow ebay-ers

if inclined to help contribute to our great endever of building a car from crap, proceded to this link.

things you want to buy for sale

what we have for sale are great things that you want to buy, namely parts from the forementioned escort GT

anyways, today we built completely from scratch with murry's auto store parts, a wiring harness + toggle switch for a pair of super ghetto offroad truck driving lamps. the front grill is removed, but we have a good reason to remove somthing this time - there was no other way to mount the suckers. so much better lighting than our stock POS 1 working headlight. toggle switches are cool. although in the process we managed to short it out a buncha times and start smoking the wires.

our rear hatch area is now preped by ben to handle a plexiglass rear cover. yay stuff.


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