Thursday, March 30, 2006

moose caboose

this is for all you shady HK mofos

This is for all you shady HK mofo's

who think its perfectly cool to offer a price and then JaCK somone
higher after they get intersted, or charge their friends more for
something, or screw people with a higher price on purpose.....after you gave them a fair one.

you are the kings of lame bait and switch. mad props to you for screwing so many people that could potentially help you out in the future. perhaps you simply dont have enough tact or creativity to think of a better way to bait and switch. charging sombody a "handling fee" for a craigslist transaction, or charging $600 worth of tax for a $400 item. thats so frekin lame.

whoever you are on craigslist, i salute you. HK fuckers of the world
unite and take this.

no wonder HK gurls always like Taiwanese guys. Yay us.


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