Saturday, March 02, 2002

Humans 2. rustbucket 0

word. today was right the rust day. fought long and hard. 4pm-4am with about 1.5 hours of break. suck

front strut cartridges are impossible to remove, and re-install. needed alot o PB, propane torch, rubber mallet, hammer, and the ever increasingly usefull POWER GLOVES@!!

they are even more frustrating to re-install after u have fought through removing the giant nut thingy, having shock oil spill out over u eveywhere, pull the rock-shox type cartridge, and clean the whole mess.

the h-power strut install:

1.bolt in strut at top mount
2. get breaker bar, wedge between lower control arm and tie rod
3. put one foot at each end, strut between your feet.
4. grab fender with both powergloves.
5. jump as hard as u can while pushing down on the bar evenly as possible with your feet using the max force possible
6. hope that the arm went down far enough, and the strut is caught on the castle nut for the ball joint
7. if it is, then it is a matter of applying liberally the crowbar, hammer, powergloves and brute force to grunt the 2 bolt sleve thingys into place.

there will be pictures tomoro, for now i sleep.


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