Wednesday, February 13, 2002

word on the street #3.

today we go to toronto. food. lots of. may geta chance to hit up used japense engines and see if they can get the well needed hook-up on a red top nonT-VIS and random parts like a hatch door.

it snowed yesterday. bad for beater bc it got heavier due to the snow getting inside the car. BUT if u look on the bright side, the water will make it rust more which = less weight = go faster.
tricky equation to balance.

the rear left tire decided to go flat. now we have a broken car again. yay.

will look for initial D gear, and some headlight squirters to replace the broken one. maybe we should get some crazy rice ones that glow blue with LED at night.......

engrish of the day:
"AE86 aurora power too great for FC3S and FD3S. legend say that due to super rice light, no one can compare."




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