Tuesday, February 12, 2002

current update:

-AE86 sitting in driveway rusting. battery charging at captian no-torque's house. yay.
-sat will be bondo day for captian bondo. goal is to sand and make door primer white. hmmm lovely.
-grease and supplies for stuff have been obtained. flame torch+brake bleed nipple +pb penatrating solution may = unscrew which= to bleed right front brake = safer. good stuff. mab we'll bleed the rears this weekend too.

-still looking for front struts. oem GTS with 50-60K for $50 shipped sounds good. trying to get all 4 for $65-75 shipped. Any more and we dump the $180 for TRD.

GC5 Impreza is back togeather again. only scars are some minor scratching on rim of wheel. go STI-RA wheel! more scratches = more "competition look". must make me faster......

goals for weekend;

-tranny fluid change
-rear diff fluid change
-grease stuff (random)
-bleed the other 3 brakes!

work finances thru email, etc
-sand and bondo a couple doors, paint with white primer

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