Tuesday, February 12, 2002

word on the street #0. special stage

As many of you probably know, we have in our possession a car. A 300 dollar,
240,000 mile, 1984 Toyota Corolla SR-5 rusted to the bone piece of junk car. It
is our goal to assemble a team of dedicated indivduals to transform this pile
of junk into a solidly running, somewhat better looking pile of junk. In
order to facilitate this, I have drafted up an short term objectives list:

Phase One -

Primary Objective: An excercise to build a consistently street-worthy
automobile while maximizing reliability-to-cost ratio.

Interim Goals:
(1) Make the car safe
a. Fix headlights
b. Brakes
c. Front Suspension
(2) Repair broken components
a. Starter motor/relay
b. Parking brake
c. Dash Gauges
d. Interior lighting/misc. body electronics
(3) Improve dilapidating essential mechanical components
a. Motor
b. Drivetrain
(4) Improve Nonessentials
a. Body
b. Interior

For pictures of car, copy and paste web address below. =)


A team of 7 will enable startup costs to hover around $40/person. You may
elect one of the four primary goals to specialize on, or you may hover in
between as you wish. Refer a friend and be eligible to earn a Two Dollar
($2) referral bonus!* To date, we have suceeded in breaking the starter and
one headlight! Dont delay, Sign up now!

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