Tuesday, February 12, 2002

word on the street #2; Addressing all major PLAYA's

word. this weeks purposed major playa's conferance regarding the beater car has been postponed due to scheduling conflicts. Captian Bondo, and Make stuf work guy #2 have scheduling issues. Without further ado, i would liek to introduce the major playa's for BuildAcar from Junk.inc

"make stuf work guy #1": h. has space on driveway to fit the beater. researched and developed obsession with the pure uglyness of the AE86 and the pure ludicracy of initial-D the anime. bought the beater from some un-know guy out in the middle of nowhere who took "care" of the car
in conjunction with #2, will be in charge of stuff such as making motor work, making car stop, turn, etc. also will think of ways to make car faster, and swap motors somtime

"make stuff work guy #2": ben. wants a GDA, but for now tinkering with AE86 will do. knows random useless information that may prove useful. has ability to call mike shields on will and ask the subaru guru man what is up. will work with #1 in doing normal car stuff, but will focus more on finding ghetto NOS system to eventually blow up motor to speed up replacement process.

"captian Bondo": nate. has an obsession with brotha's, their hoopties, rollin on dubs, the "d", and BONDO! will be incharge of major bondo reconstruction of the "car". aka mr. bodyman

"smart guy": we dont know much about him, ex for the fact that he is smart. multi talented in multi-multi-tasking life, and is smart. he will be in charge of whatever he deems fit. we are hoping that he takes care of electronics and somhow makes eveything work and intergrates computers/PDA's in the operation of the car. mabye we can convince him to build website devoted to project Build A Car From Junk -tm.


"i know about hondas"-John armstrong: likes cars, knows how to swap motors, knows about carb's, can weld and get the hookup on ghetto parts. donate stuf like remus mufflers.

"i want NOS in my b16A"- alex. good guy, helped get the car home, will help out when he isnt working on the b16a and donate stuff like escort parts.
stuff to figure out for meeting:

1. how to finance. pay as u play or pre pay an agreed amount

--i think we shoudl just throwq in $150-200 each to start with. that will cover junk to do, to cut down on the hassle of stuff

2. keys and who drives the car when:
--i have 4 keys(1 spare) at my house. we need to figure out system of who gets the beater when they want it and such. i think we should just have a notice type system to reserve beater for "use"

3. goals for project; long term
---waht to do with car
---issues with NOS, Y/N?
---eventual nessacary motor/tranny swap

4. random misc
---what it should look like?
---what color?

5. budgets for maintainece, major mech, etc


email me back with your thoughs
go to www.club4ag.com and read about stuff.



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