Friday, February 15, 2002

word #4

wed-friday :

went to toronto, checked out used japenese auto parts. they had a 4a-ge out of MR2 for $400 CDN and 4A-GZE (mr2) with tranny for $1200 CDN. also had a complete 86 AE86 GT-S that he would throw in if i bought the GZE motor. all this jazz translates into if i want a 4A-GE with T-50 tranny, i can probbly get it for $300-350 CDN, which is equal to ~$200-230. probbly $250 USD will get me everything i need. hmm, gimme a red-tops out o AE92 my friend - (engrish with cantonese fob accent)

ben has ingenious idears of instead of buying new hatch from junkyard to use, just weld in a x brace of piping stuff of sorts for rigidity, and hinge some kinda lexan. cheaper and lighter (we think). im going to try to locate a replacement hatch first. it might be easier

friday(today)-got home in the afternoon, started on the beater.

-pumped up rear tyre
-put in battery that got charged
- car fires right up. drive into garage
-ideled (not)nicely for about 20 minutes when i went inside and ignored it. didnt die, although it did manage to spew out a buncha powersteering fluid and then idle in a bad way. need more p-s fluid next run to auto-zone
-removed AC belt pully thingy for kicks, the bolt holding it togeather brakes due to rust and makes the job easier. yay.
-soldered wirethingy for oil pressure sensor thingy i think? wire broke outa plug, so i wired it in place to teh tab.
wiggled around left headlight wiring from the back, and the light decides to work, so i decide to do the wiring the right way and solder everything that was ghetto taped. pull it all off, cut the wiring up, solder it, lovely stuff. after some ruckus the left headlight works.


both headlights work for one glorious moment, i switch to highbeams to see if they work, and the left dosnt work. re-do the plugging in stuff and it works, BUT now the right side which has remained constantly good dosnt turn on at all. the motor still works(unlike the left motor) so we got one gimp light that is permantly fixed up that turns on and off and has high beam, and one right light - also gimp, that flips up and down, BUT dosnt shine at all. BOO. we have a broken car again. yay.
to add insult to injury, the motor refuses my attempt to make it stay up by manualy adjusting the knobby thing and flips down anyway. so we're back to where we started. 1 headlight car, one permantly stuck up headlight, and one motor that flips.

dangit. i wonder why eveything worked the day i picked up the car.

Total Cash Money spent on beater so far: $315.01

$ owed to insureance: $dont know
$ owed to the MAN: $18
2/12/02: random lube's and stuff =$15.01

-stp brake cleaner stuff $1.99
-PB blaster rust killer penatrating stuf $3.99
ghetto brand high temp grease $2.19
loctite anti sieze MONSTER size $5.99

2/10/02: still need to pay $18 tax

beater ae86; $300 with:$165.13 worth o-junk
1/2 tank o gas = $7
5 genuine toyota keys = $6*5 = $30
1 spare headlight = $20
1 coverless chiltons manual = $18
1 coverless toyota factory service manual = $90
11 cents =$0.11
lots of DIRT, JUNK, smelly crap, broken glass, lexane rear window, RUST galore
ghetto radio = $.02

***** tomorow's kaptian BONDO!!!!!! *******

-need to buy:
2. sandpaper
3. spray primer (closest to toyota super white)
4. monster jug of tranny / diff fluid
5. Power steering fluid

-to do:
1. sand and work Kaptian bondo majik.
2. change tranny/diff fluid if time permits


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