Friday, February 22, 2002

2/22/02: random junk

word yos.

today: afternoon

-ben discovered pop-rivet thingy. yay. it makes cool noises, works pretty frekin well and is easy to use
-spent today cutting out rotted metal and riviting sheet metal in. hammers are good for making sheet metal have contour.
-going to bondo the crap outa it afterwards
-replaced tube thing for carb warmer, napa likes to get u up the butt. $16 for a hoez

0 am-4am

-remove power steering. leaked alot so it needed to go. NASTY illage
-cut out all rusted tubes for it. gross
-"custom" machined fittings for powersteering fluid line to recirc to keep rack lubricated.
-feels great, more ghetto than ever!
-gained 4 hp, 6 lb-ft of torque!!! we may be close to 100 lb-ft of torque now!!! 80 hp is a possibility!!!
lost weight ~ 15 LBS.

go rustbucket!


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